The X-Files – Babylon

“Babylon” is episode five of season ten of The X-Files.

In Texas a young Muslim man says his prayers, eats his breakfast and then goes out in his car, meeting up with another man of about the same age. They drive off in the car and park outside an art gallery, then enter it. Moments later, the gallery explodes.

In Washington, D.C., Mulder is talking to Scully about an event that has been ‘earwitnessed’ around the world, one in which people have suddenly heard trumpets with no apparent source playing when someone knocks on their door.

There are two young agents, Miller (Robbie Amell, The Tomorrow People‘s Stephen Jameson), who wants to speak to Mulder about the possibility of contacting the dead, and his partner, Einstein (apparently a relation), a female agent who is also a medical doctor, much more sceptical than her partner, and has red hair (sound familiar).

One of the two suicide bombers from the gallery attack survived (rather oddly, as they had on suicide vests, so having someone survive whilst wearing one seems strange). He’s in very poor shape – what’s left of him – to say the least; Agent Einstein says he’s dead, he just happens to have a heartbeat. Miller wants some way of questioning him about more attacks.

After the two agents leave, Scully rings Miller and tells him that she has a possible scientific method of questioning the man. In turn, Mulder rings Einstein – his method involves taking magic mushrooms. Einstein is not impressed but, after finding Agent Scully there, decides to invite Mulder down. Taking drugs does have some, to be expected, unfortunate consequences.

The actual story ends a bit before the end of the episode; the remainder being taken up with Miller and Einstein, and the Mulder and Scully, having conversations. There looks to be a message in the latter conversation.

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