The Tomorrow People – Son of Man

“Son of Man” is episode twenty-two of season one of The Tomorrow People and the season finale.

At the end of the previous episode, “Kill Switch”, the idiot Natalie who had already got a whole bunch of people injected with the titular ‘kill switch’ had convinced the other Tomorrow People to turn Roger in to the Founder. Stupidly, they listened to her again – it was through listening to her in the first place that the ended up with the kill switches in the first place. Talk about not learning from your mistakes. This was unneeded, as Cara and Stephen had managed to disable it.

Now the Founder is activating his machine with the intention of killing, eventually, every human on the planet. Those left have to stop him. Jedikiah has also managed to give himself powers. The various flashbacks seen with him and his brother did suggest that Jedikiah was a little jealous of Roger’s powers – which is fairly understandable.

This isn’t a cliffhanger episode – the main story does get tied up in this episode, although there’s no certainty the Founder is permanently defeated. Instead, there’s a new storyline that starts at the end of the episode. Which is fortunate, for the main storyline anyway, as I read that the series has been cancelled, but unfortunate for the new one.

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