The Tomorrow People – Kill Switch

“Kill Switch” is episode twenty-one of season one of The Tomorrow People.

At the end of the previous episode, “A Sort of Homecoming”, Hillary had tried to blow up the Founder (unsuccessfully, naturally – she really needed to stand closer; it’s not the sort of thing that you can gain experience at either), revealing yet another way that the Tomorrow People can kill, this time by being a suicide bomber that someone else detonates, and the second method revealed in that episode, as when time stands still, normal humans aren’t considered to be alive. Talk about a nitpicking reason. It really seems like there are a lot of ways of getting around that prohibition. Perhaps it’s more of a guideline. The Founder had also removed John’s powers.

The injection that the Tomorrow People had been given turns out to be an easy way for the Founder to kill anyone he wants to that’s been injected, and the same idiot that got a whole bunch of people injected now has another brilliant plan. I really can’t see why they’re still listening to her.

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