The 100 – Gimme Shelter

“Gimme Shelter” is episode seven of season four of The 100.

In the previous episode, “We Will Rise”, Raven had finally worked out how to get into space and back down again ‘safely’ – basically crashing – using just the limited fuel that they had. Unfortunately, one of the barrels of rocket fuel they had was holed by a Trikru arrow and is now empty. After all the trouble they went to, with the fuel being stolen by Roan’s own people, they now don’t have enough of it.

This episode opens with Octavia riding through the woods on a horse. After being unable to shoot Ilian for setting fire to the Ark in “The Tinder Box”, because Kane said it would make her just like Pike when the latter shot Lincoln in “Stealing Fire”, Octavia fled Arkadia. Ilian himself was freed, although most of the Arkadians don’t know that, and he is following Octavia. Ilian says that he wants to help and that he owes her for sparing his life. Octavia doesn’t want his help, but when they get some black rain, she helps him. So they both get stuck in a cave together. Giving them no choice but to talk. What happens as a result is not entirely unexpected.

Bellamy arrives back in Arkadia in a rover just as the black rain arrives there as well in a very nasty storm. Everyone needs to get under shelter as quickly as possible but there’s a bit of a panic as people try to get back inside. Bellamy wants to go looking for Octavia, but it’s too dangerous. Anyone who was caught in the rain needs to wash it off with clean water very quickly, but not everyone survives the rain and others are trapped outside. So Bellamy goes outside to try and rescue them, in a rather improvised protective suit. Which doesn’t remotely work, although he does manage to get to the rover. Bellamy is safe in the rover, but if there are any problems, he won’t be able to safely get out of it. Of course, something does go wrong.

Clarke and the other shave finally arrived at the lab, even though they don’t have enough fuel to get into space and back again any longer. Raven is not doing so well either and is currently sedated; she can recover if she takes it easy. A big if. Abby has a way another way that might work; injecting people with Luna’s bone marrow and hopefully turning them into Nightbloods as well. The only way of testing it is to then expose someone to radiation – enough to kill them if it fails. Abby says that they need to choose someone but Emori hears her and Clarke talking about it.

Emori wants her and Murphy (who turns out to be a good cook) to get out of the house and into the bunker, before Abby and Clarke decide that she is the one to test the bone marrow on. After all, Emori is the only outsider. She may be a little pessimistic though. Clarke is somewhat stunned by the luxury of the house; it’s probably the most comfortable she’s been. Ever. There is another problem though – someone has broken into the house. Someone Emori knows, and they don’t have a good history together. He is apparently not the only one either.

Emori wants revenge on the man, Baylis, for what he did to her and her brother, and wants to kill him. Slowly and painfully. Clarke suggests another option.

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