The 100 – We Will Rise

“We Will Rise” is episode six of season four of The 100.

In the previous episode, “The Tinder Box”, Clarke had managed to negotiate an agreement with Roan again, offering half the space in the Ark to his people if their attempts to find another option failed. However, just after this was accomplished, the Ark exploded into flames. Ilian, who had gained access by bringing the wounded Octavia home, had managed to set a fire in the place where the Ark was most vulnerable to damage, and engulfed it in flames. Somehow, a Grounder with zero knowledge of technology and a hatred for it had managed to find the most vulnerable part of the ship. Which does seem a tad unlikely.

On Alie’s island, Raven had figured out that they needed to get into space to make Nightblood, and had shown the others where there was a rocket in the lab. It seems that, because Raven was separated from Alie by an EMP pulse in “Nevermore”, rather than being naturally separated when Clarke hit Alie’s kill switch, she has retained much of the knowledge possessed by Beka and Alie. However, there would appear to be a downside – it may be killing her. Abby was cured of Alie’s hold in the same way in “Perverse Instantiation: Part 2”, and she, too, seems to be having visions, just like Raven. So, the backup plan of using the Ark to save a few is no longer possible

This episode opens with Jaha and Jasper watching the Arkadians in the night and rain as they look for salvage from the ship. Jasper is rather more cheerful; he thinks that once you’ve accepted death is inevitable, there aren’t any more worries. And Jasper quotes Dr Seuss at Jaha. Jaha may be thinking about the useless bunker they discovered in “The Four Horsemen”. Perhaps it can be made less useless.

Inside, Ilian is being kept prisoner, but people are not very happy with him – no surprise – and a mob breaks into his cell and starts beating him to death, until Kane intervenes with a gun and threatens to shoot the next person who attacks Ilian.

On Alie’s island, Raven is apparently flying the rocket she found. Fortunately, as she crashes it into the ground, it was only a simulation. Murphy is watching and making ‘helpful’ comments whilst playing with a remote controlled car. He seems to have a point that they could do with more fuel though – but there apparently isn’t any. The pressure is getting to Raven.

Clarke is oddly pleased by the destruction caused by Ilian, as that means they don’t have to lock the others outside the Ark, or share it with Ice Nation. She’s taking an expedition to Alie’s island with the rocket fuel they have. Monty is listing what’s wrong with the Ark – basically, they have no chance of fixing it in time – so Clarke says they need to concentrate on the Nightblood solution. There are more problems though; now that everyone knows about Praimfaya – the end of the world – Roan sent Echo back to Polis with his army back to keep the peace, but more than half deserted along the way to meet the end with their families. And destroyed Trikru villages along the way. Kane wants to go with Clarke to see Abby – because she’s going in to space in a hundred year old rocket ship – but Clarke says that they need him in Arkadia to keep the peace.

Bellamy goes and sees Octavia (who has been joined in medical by the rather unpopular Ilian), but she still hasn’t forgiven him for Lincoln’s death in “Stealing Fire”. Before they leave, Monty gives a pep talk about just what they are doing – driving with the last known rocket fuel which could explode if they hit a bump though hostile territory – with the fate of the human race at stake. Okay, maybe pep talk is the wrong word. Roan is coming along for protection, but not everyone is happy with Ice Nation. As usual, admittedly. So their protection can cause problems itself. Naturally, things do not go to plan.

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