Stargate SG-1 – The Shroud

“The Shroud” is episode fourteen of season ten of Stargate SG-1.

SG-1 are visiting a world that has been visited by a Prior of the Ori. This Prior is preaching the faith of Origin, but isn’t giving the usual ‘convert or die’ message favoured by the Priors (although they don’t quite put it like that).

When SG-1 investigate, they discover the Prior is Daniel, who has been missing since the events of “The Quest: Part 2”. So they capture him.

Daniel has been converted to a Prior by Adria, but he says it’s all part of his plan to destroy the Ori. Merlin’s weapon is nearly finished, and he needs to put it on an Ori ship (not sure why it had to be an Ori ship) and send it back to the Ori’s galaxy in order to destroy them.

He needs the wormhole that’s blocking the Ori from sending any more ships through which was set up in “The Pegasus Project” to be deactivated. Not a plan that makes people happy, especially as they aren’t convinced that Daniel is telling the truth, and removing the block will allow more Ori ships to reinforce those already in the galaxy.

Jack O’Neill makes an appearance in this episode. Not quite sure why.

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