Eureka – Worst Case Scenario

“Worst Case Scenario” is episode six of season five of Eureka.

This episode opens with Eureka and Global Dynamics under attack, with an incoming missile. Attempts to stop it fail, and damage ensues. However, this was only a disaster simulation; unfortunately, it was a little too realistic and people were actually hurt. Then, more problems start occurring, in an order that seems rather familiar.

Carter and Jo’s relationship is a little rocky at the moment. This is down to Allison pretending she was Carter when they spoke during the mind swap in the previous episode, “Jack of All Trades”. Carter, naturally, hasn’t a clue what he did wrong. Carter and Allison meanwhile are planning their engagement party, as Carter proposed and Allison accepted.

Fargo and Zane are rebooting the Matrix computer, as Zane discovered evidence that a residue of the murdered Holly was still inside the program.

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