Eureka – Ex Machina

“Ex Machina” is episode seven of season five of Eureka.

This episode opens with a memorial to Holly and the dedication of a new piece of equipment, which Carter describes as a giant laser pointer, in her name. Fargo seems a bit distracted by it all, as if he has something better to do. That’s because he has.

In the previous episode, “Worst Case Scenario”, Fargo discovered that the remnant of Holly inside the Matrix computer seemed to be the actual Holly, her full personality. He and Zane are trying to come up with a way to sort this out.

The Department of Defence has sent in a team to collect the various bits of equipment related to the captivity of the Astraeus crew, as well as to install a new, Big Brother-like, surveillance system. One of the things that they are going to collect is the Matrix computer – and they’re going to wipe the hard drive.

It becomes a race to try and save Holly – and some don’t believe she is in there – before the computer is wiped.

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