Eureka – Jack of All Trades

“Jack of All Trades” is episode five of season five of Eureka.

Warren Hughes is returning to Eureka to assess the Astraeus crew and see whether they are ready to return to work. People are a bit nervous about that. During the first interview he conducts, a side of beef explodes.

Then, during part of Fargo’s interview, his and Carter’s minds are swapped. A bit unfortunate, as Fargo’s interview involved laser tag and Carter has a real gun, not a fake one. The suggestion that they swapped minds is met with more than a little scepticism, at least until Carter’s body reels of some technobabble without using the word ‘thing’ once.

Fargo is only the first person that Carter swaps minds with. Having this happen during the Astraeus interviews is more than a little inconvenient, especially when Carter has to take the tests for others.

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