Eureka – Friendly Fire

“Friendly Fire” is episode four of season five of Eureka.

The Astraeus crew – barring the murdered Holly – had been successfully rescued in the previous episode, “Force Quit”, but Beverley Barlowe had escaped – again. Although she had taken Senator Wen with her, and stuck her in a sim. The Department of Defence doesn’t want Eureka involved in the search any longer.

The members of the crew are having problems acclimating to the real world again, in particular with the real world equivalents of the fictional people they had interacted with in the sim – Allison, and to a lesser extent Carter, with Jo, after the relationship fictional Carter and Jo had in the sim, and Grace with Henry, seeing as she sort of killed fictional him.

Fargo, in order to get through the grieving process caused by Holly’s murder, is taking an experimental treatment that is causing him to go through massive mood swings. Meanwhile, a remote controlled fireball made from nanobots has escaped and is wreaking havoc.

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