Eureka – E=Mc…?

“E=Mc…?” is episode eight of season two of Eureka.

This episode doesn’t start in Eureka. Instead, it starts in a city where someone is hacking a bank account. He is arrested by the FBI, but is later carted off to Eureka. Apparently, he’s a particle physicist, and a good one, and Eureka needs a new one. Even one with a history like his.

As a result of that, Carter is the one left in charge of him, which Jack is not happy about. Meanwhile, back at Global Dynamics a new experiment is being set up, based on the new guy’s research, to replicate what happened in the Big Bang. Which sounds kind of dicey at best.

The experiment, if it gets out of control, has the potential to be very dangerous. Fortunately, Henry is monitoring it. Unfortunately, there’s something wrong with Henry. Then a lot of other people get it too – all the geniuses lose much of their intelligence. So the experiment gets out of control and there’s no-one smart enough to fix it.

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