Eureka – Sight Unseen

“Sight Unseen” is episode nine of season two of Eureka.

There’s a break-in at the local pharmacy and a chemical is stolen. It’s not a valuable one, though – just a regular, everyday chemical that happens to have a whole lot of uses. The Moon rocks that Global Dynamics has have started sprouting. Are they alive? There’s also an explosion at the laundry that does Jack’s clothes, and Zoe hits something with her new Smart Car. The something is invisible though, although that statement is not initially believed.

Only it’s true. Someone has been developing invisibility successfully, despite it being prohibited. There are problems with the formula though – it’s lethal. And Carter has got a dose of it.

In the previous episode, “E=Mc…?”, Henry let slip to Carter – being not in his right mind – that Beverley had sabotaged the experiment which killed Kim in “Once in a Lifetime”. He tries to pass it off, but does have to bring Stark in on it. An ongoing story thread.

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