Eureka – Family Reunion

“Family Reunion” is episode seven of season two of Eureka.

Whilst updating some cryo cylinders in the Global Dynamics facility, one of them activates. Instead of holding a dead person, it holds a live one. Fargo’s grandfather, who had apparently resigned the town and left before Fargo’s father was born. Although he still seems to be very present, only a bit chilly.

Being a Fargo, the first thought is that grandad had accidentally frozen himself. He denies it, and says someone must have put him in it. In addition, after hearing about various advances, the elder Fargo accuses one of Eureka’s leading scientists of having stolen his work and being his former assistant. Said scientist says it was the other way around.

Which one is telling the truth? The Fargos don’t have a reputation for competence. Certainly the present Fargo doesn’t.

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