Eureka – Bad to the Drone

“Bad to the Drone” is episode one of season three of Eureka.

Global Dynamics is testing a new missile defence system known as Viper. To do the test, various airborne drones are launched, which perform an attack run on the system. One of them gets through, destroys the system, then flies off into the distance. The drones have a degree of artificial intelligence.

This is worrying by itself (as well as showing that Viper was not as effective as hoped), but there’s a new problem. A business fixer has been sent in to review GD’s operations – and she’s not happy with what she sees. She’s also not pleased with the rise in problems since Carter took over as sheriff, and seems to consider him responsible for them all. He certainly seems to have had an up-tick on problems on his watch.

They have to get the – armed – drone back before it does any damage, all whilst dealing with outside interference.

Meanwhile, Allison is considering Stark’s marriage proposal (she has, after all, been married to him before), and Henry is locked up awaiting trial after admitting to causing the problems in “A Night At Global Dynamics”, even if it was all done to save Allison’s son Kevin – who has now been cured.

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