Eureka – What About Bob?

“What About Bob?” is episode two of season three of Eureka.

The new head of Global Dynamics, Eva Thorne, is making substantial changes to the town and lab in the name of efficiency and making money. Which isn’t making people happy.

Meanwhile, one of the researchers, Bob, has vanished from his lab. No big deal – except that his lab is a sealed biodome that everyone has been locked in for years. So having someone go missing from it is a bit worrying

Carter and Allison go inside the lab and Carter manages to find Bob – who is regressing into a snake. As is everyone else in the biodome – including Carter and Allison. Henry’s help is needed from lock-up.

Many of the town, helped by Fargo, of the town treat the whole thing as an episode of a reality TV show (the biodome is fully monitored), glued to the feeds that Fargo has hacked into. It seems that even geniuses aren’t immune to reality TV. Although this is rather more real than most (in a fictional context, of course).

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