Eureka – A Night At Global Dynamics

“A Night At Global Dynamics” is episode thirteen of season two of Eureka and the season finale.

At the end of the previous episode, “All That Glitters…”, the director’s office in the Global Dynamics building was sealed off and transported to a bunker deep underground. Inside were Allison, Kevin, Beverley and Henry.

Henry had said that the bacteria that transformed metal into gold, and then into dust, had mutated into a form that would eat human flesh, which is what resulted in the facility being evacuated and the office being sealed off.

It appears that he was being less than truthful about that. Henry also appears to be working with Beverley, with regards to Kevin’s ability to communicate with the Akashic Field.

With the GD facility going to be thermally cleansed (which sounds like it would be pretty bad for anyone left inside), Carter and Stark have to work together to get everyone out, with the facility worse for wear and the defence systems actively trying to stop them, and get to the bunker in time to stop it.

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