Eureka – All That Glitters…

“All That Glitters…” is episode twelve of season two of Eureka.

There are two main threads to this episode. The first is the ongoing matter of the artefact, and its effect on Allison’s son, Kevin. As a result, Beverley, who has been missing for a few episodes, is brought back to Eureka as a prisoner. This thread really serves more as a background to events.

The second, major, thread is when a statue outside Cafe Diem transmuted into gold. This is only the first thing to do so – lots more metal items follow suit. Then they start decaying and crumbling. If all the metal in the town turns to gold, then decays, it will literally fall apart.

Michael Shanks (known for playing Dr. Daniel Jackson in the Stargate series) guest stars as a genius sculptor, the one who made the statue.

The story does not conclude in this episode, a first for this series, but continues in the next one, “A Night In Global Dynamics”.

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