Eureka – Maneater

“Maneater” is episode eleven of season two of Eureka.

There’s a problem with the system that runs Eureka’s air conditioning, plumbing and waste, and the man who knows how to fix it is missing.

Carter has been asked to go on a trip , but things start getting odd. Another woman seems to find him attractive, then Jo does, then Allison and a doctor who was running a sexual harassment workshop (Lexa Doig, who also stars in other science fiction series, Andromeda, as a character also called Andromeda, Continuum and in Stargate SG-1) get into a fight over him. It seems that Carter has suddenly become irresistible to women – not as good as it sounds.

The rush is on to find the missing man before Eureka’s systems cause any more problems, and find out what is causing Carter’s attraction before it gets out of control.

Some more regarding the artefact and its effect on Allison’s son, Kevin, who seems to have acquired some powers.

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