Dark Angel – Harbor Lights

“Harbor Lights” is episode thirteen of season two of Dark Angel.

Logan has been avoiding Max since the events of the previous episode, “Borrowed Time”, when their brief moment together was cut short. That is, until Max gets accidentally shot whilst trying to get a boy out of the line of fire during a commotion at a gas checkpoint.

Max is rushed to the Harbor Lights hospital. Which causes problems when some bloodwork is done on her. This, among other things, reveals the virus in her system, and the CDC gets involved.

White, who hasn’t been seen since “Medium Is the Message”, when it was revealed that he was part of a centuries, if not millennia, long breeding programme to create superior human beings, ones with the abilities of many of the transgenics, also hears about this, and arrives at the hospital. He doesn’t want details of the transgenics getting out, for that would put his own people at risk, much as he despises the transgenics themselves.

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