Andromeda – The Heart of the Journey: Part 1

“The Heart of the Journey: Part 1” is episode twenty one of season five of Andromeda.

In the previous episode, Chaos and the Stillness of It, it was revealed that the Trance that had accompanied the others off Methus-2 in “Saving Light from a Black Sun” was not the one they went in with. Their Trance was rescued, her sun has now come to its proper place – destroying everything but Seefra-1 in the process – and the system now promises to become a paradise.

Trance takes Dylan to meet her people – who, apart from their leader, all look like Trance. They have a plan for stopping The Abyss, but Trance says it is a bad plan. It certainly is for everyone in the region of the Systems Commonwealth. Dylan convinces said leader to take the Andromeda Ascendant out of the Seefra system, and they arrive back at Terrazed – only four days after they left following the encounter with the Magog worldship.

Unfortunately, when Trance went supernova in “The Dissonant Interval: Part 2”, she only damaged the worldship, not destroyed it (after all, this is a ship that has a star as its main component, so it’s pretty big), so it is still heading towards them. There is also a Nietzschean fleet heading towards Terrazed. Things do not look good.

The story continues in the final episode, “The Heart of the Journey: Part 2”.

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