Andromeda – Saving Light from a Black Sun

“Saving Light from a Black Sun” is episode sixteen of season five of Andromeda.

The sun in the Seefra system which isn’t working properly, Methus-2, is going to go out for an hour, something that happens every fifty years. Dylan is planning to fly the Andromeda Ascendant into it – it’s an artificial construction, which is why a sun can ‘break’ – to see if it can be fixed to work properly.

Harper has found the schematics of the entire system, and says he can keep it off for three hours. Guaranteed. Like most of Harper’s guarantees, this doesn’t quite work, and the sun briefly flickers on again whilst everyone else is inside it. The sun may be artificial, but it’s still hot.

There’s another Trance also in the sun, causing problems. There look to be at least three Trances in the system, as the ‘man’ on the radio looks like they may well be another Trance.

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