Andromeda – The Dissonant Interval: Part 2

“The Dissonant Interval: Part 2” is episode twenty-two of season four of Andromeda and the season finale.

In the previous episode, “The Dissonant Interval: Part 1”, the Arkology, which the Andromeda Ascendant was trying to protect, had been attacked by the Magog worldship. Beka had decided to leave, and Trance said that they would never all be together again in the same way. The leader of Arkology had told Dylan that he, Dylan, was one of the Paradigm; a people that pre-dated the universe.

Arkology is under attack and people are dying. Harper’s attempts to get the station’s slipstream drive up and running are failing. Magog are everywhere, and they are winning. Trance says that there is something that Dylan can do, but it will only help him.

All in all, quite a depressing episode. Things take a turn for the seriously weird in season five.

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