Andromeda – Quantum Tractate Delirium

“Quantum Tractate Delirium” is episode eighteen of season five of Andromeda.

Trance’s sun is getting closer and will shortly destroy Seefra-9. Unless the Andromeda Ascendant‘s slipstream drive is fixed in time, most of the planet’s population will die. After the events of the previous episode, “Totaled Recall”, the ship is at full power; however, Andromeda won’t allow slipstream to be activated.

In order to get around this, Dylan decides that they must finally rebuild Rommie. Rommie hasn’t been present for this entire season, and as Andromeda, she has sometimes been absent, or only appeared as a voice. This is probably due to Lexa Doig, the actress who plays her, being pregnant with her, and her husband’s (Stargate-SG1‘s Michael Shanks, who she met in “Star-Crossed”) first child.

Trance is acting oddly in this episode. In “Saving Light from a Black Sun”, it wasn’t clear which Trance had accompanied the others back out of Meethus 2.


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