Andromeda – One More Day’s Light

“One More Day’s Light” is episode nineteen of season five of Andromeda.

Trance’s sun is ploughing through the Seefra system, destroying the planets as it does so with the Vedrans braking mechanism (the planets also get very close to the sun before being affected at all; too close realistically).

A religious sect on Seefra-5 is refusing to evacuate, claiming that the destruction is a hoax performed by the evils of technology. Rhade and Harper are trying to get some cultists off planet, and Beka pursues some Nietzscheans (the first time they have been seen in the system – apart from Rhade and Drago Museveni of course) who are trying to get down to the planet.

Time is running out to get everyone of safely.

The story continues in the next episode, “Chaos and the Stillness of It”.


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