Andromeda – Pieces of Eight

“Pieces of Eight” is episode two of season four of Andromeda.

Dylan is contacted by the Triumvar he saved in the previous episode, “Answers to Questions Never Asked”. There’s another problem in the Systems Commonwealth. An individual known as Citizen Eight, who is helping to refit the Commonwealth’s fleet after the events of “Shadows Cast by a Final Salute”, is also making a power grab. He has got hold of a creature called the Prescient who is predicting the future. The predictions are all coming true, too – and one of them is that Dylan will betray the Commonwealth.

The Andromeda Ascendant heads to the Drift where Citizen Eight lives to find out what his con is. Only it doesn’t seem to be entirely a con. Sure, Eight is trying to gain power, but it looks like the Prescient is the real deal. So is Dylan actually going to betray the Commonwealth?

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