Andromeda – Shadows Cast by a Final Salute

“Shadows Cast by a Final Salute” is episode twenty two of season three of Andromeda and the season finale.

The Andromeda is boarded by Nietzscheans of the Drago-Kazov pride, who seem to have a little too much knowledge about the ship’s systems. They want the bones of Drago Mueveni, the founder of the Nietzscheans, which Tyr took from the Drago-Kazov in “Music of a Distant Drum”.

The reason the Dragons know a little too much is because of Tyr, who plotted with them in the previous episode, “Day of Judgement, Day of Wrath”. He’s not working solely on the Dragon’s side though.

Nietzscheans are causing problems all over the new Commonwealth, and the Andromeda Ascendant is duped into going to a system where there are plenty of Drago-Kazov ships. Then a whole bunch of enemies of the Systems Commonwealth arrive, followed by the High Guard and things get really messy.

There are trillions of Magog on the way and the forces who might stop them are in trouble.

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