Warehouse 13 – Merge With Caution

“Merge With Caution” is episode eight of season two of Warehouse 13.

This episode opens in Denver, Colorado and a man dives out of a (closed) window, being chased by Pete and Myka. He’s a jewel thief who has apparently also got his hands on an artefact.

Back at the Warehouse, Artie is having Leena shelve a tin of sardines that belonged to the Shackleton expedition and Claudia detects an anomaly with a donation made by some corporate executives in Hartford, Connecticut. Which Artie says is actually a tax write-off. Except that the percentage donated is 50. Which is pretty high. With Myka and Pete in Denver, Artie is taking Claudia out into the field to investigate.

In Denver, Pete manages to get the thief’s bag. Inside a warehouse, a security guard says that the thief went out of another window, but they have lost the thief. The artefact seems to be a griffon. With the mission complete, Pete says that Myka can go to her high school reunion. Pete has a date with Dr Kelly, as he sort of asked her out in the previous episode, “For the Team”. As they are bagging the artefact it activates and causes their eyes to glow – but nothing else. Apparently. Not true of course.

In Hartford, two VPs at Truehart Insurance that Artie and Claudia check up on have filed for divorce and a third has called off his engagement. As well as making huge donations that they refuse to explain. All three had met with someone in a bar. There’s a fourth VP that hasn’t severed his relationship, and Artie and Claudia follow him to a bar. Where he meets with a woman, one Artie calls a femme fatale. Said woman seems to exert some sort of power on the VP. Unfortunately Artie, despite his precautions, also runs afoul of the woman. Meaning that Claudia has to try and stop her, and help Artie. Who is not really focused.

Back in Univille, Pete is definitely getting on well with Kelly. In Colorado Springs, Myka is arriving at her school reunion. Where she hopes to meet the football captain. Who most of the woman seem keen on. Back at the Warehouse, Leena is unbagging the griffon, which emits some energy. When she places it on the table, it swivels around and its eyes glow, one showing Pete’s face, the other Myka’s. Both are then struck by some fairly painful cramps and their eyes glow again, and the faces in the griffon’s eyes swap places. As have their consciousnesses. Myka had been drinking, and Pete is an alcoholic, and he now has a vodka-buzz. Which puts both in a bit of an awkward position, as they have to pretend they are someone different. Although Pete does manage to start impressing the football captain. Which also becomes awkward.

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