Stargate: Atlantis – Be All My Sins Remember’d

“Be All My Sins Remember’d” is episode eleven of season four of Stargate: Atlantis.

In “The Seer” Todd the Wraith informed the Atlanteans that the human-form Replicators were attempting to destroy the Wraith by destroying their food supply – humans.  Which is a logical form of attack, but not good for said humans. At the end of the previous episode, “This Mortal Coil”, the Atlanteans gained the ability to track the Replicator ships in the Pegasus galaxy.

They have been evacuating people from the endangered colonies. The Apollo and the Daedalus have been equipped with an Asgard beam weapon that proves effective at destroying the Replicator ships, but, by themselves, they are inadequate to the task of destroying all the Replicator ships when they withdraw to their homeworld. So, it’s decided to make an alliance with the Wraith. Meanwhile, Rodney wants to build his own Replicator. Not a whole one of course.

Larrin and her ship that were seen in “Travelers” also appears, resulting in a grand alliance against the Replicators.

Teyla also reveals she is pregnant.

Quite an impressive, if typically unrealistic, space battle in this episode.

It’s rather unlikely that any habitable planet would have the quantities of neutronium on it that the one in this does. Replicator Weir also appears again.

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