The X-Files – Home Again

“Home Again” is episode four of season ten of The X-Files.

In West Philadelphia an area is being cleared of the homeless who are being relocated to a hospital, as the place is going to be redeveloped. The homeless aren’t that happy about it. The man from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development in charge of the relocation is at the field office later that night when a huge man smashes into the office and literally tears him apart.

Mulder and Scully are called in to take a look at the scene. The killer left footprints at the murder – sort of. There are marks where his feet were, but they lack the actual prints of footprints – something Mulder says is impossible. Overlooking the office is a piece of graffiti on a wall. The graffiti bears a strong resemblance to the murderer.

The official is only the first to die. Some thieves steal the graffiti, and the man appears again – whilst the image of the man disappears off the board it was painted on. He rips the thieves to pieces too. It seems that the artwork has become ambulatory.

The homeless call the figure “Band-Aid Nose Man” and consider him to be their protector. He’s also strongly associated with garbage, and tends to also travel around in the back of a garbage truck. No real conclusion to this episode.

Scully also has to deal with personal issues, which take up a good chunk of the story. Her mother has had a heart attack and collapsed. She’s now in a coma, but before she went into it, she asked about Scully’s brother Charlie, with whom her mother had been estranged for years. These events force Scully to confront some of her own feelings regarding William, her and Mulder’s child.

There’s a possible ongoing plot thread introduced, but it’s rather slight at the moment.

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