The Tomorrow People – Superhero

“Superhero” is episode sixteen of season one of The Tomorrow People.

At the end of the previous episode, “Enemy of My Enemy”, Stephen came across a piece of equipment that his father was working on, that appears to be designed to track his father’s body.

There is also a new Tomorrow Person in town, who is behaving like a superhero, called the Red Avenger. Someone Russell knew four years previously – albeit perhaps not under the same identity. Turns out that there is more than one of them. Ultra isn’t happy about the idea, and plans to kill her. Or them.

Stephen and Russell join decide to join the ‘superhero’ on a mission. It’s not really that surprising that one of the Tomorrow People has decided to use their powers to become a real life superhero.

Funny how everyone is pretty capable at unarmed combat. Often without any apparent training.

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