The Tomorrow People – Enemy of My Enemy

“Enemy of My Enemy” is episode fifteen of season one of The Tomorrow People.

Julian, last seen in “Rumble”, attacks Ultra by himself and, not surprisingly, is captured. This was intentional, though, as he wants revenge on Cara and the rest of the Tomorrow People, and he needs the help of Jedkiah and Ultra. Seems he bears a bit of a grudge.

There are also details of how Cara and John met, three years ago. John also seems to have healed quite rapidly from being shot in “Sitting Ducks” – maybe more time has passed than it looks like? Because that was only three episodes ago and it looks like he’s been healing for months. This sort of temporal discontinuity is unfortunately rather common.

Stephen continues to show that he doesn’t understand how to maintain a low profile and how to not behave suspiciously when it comes to working for the enemy. Running out of the office when you hear that Ultra is going to carry out an operation against the Tomorrow People, which then fails, is not the way to look like you’re on the side you’re pretending to be on.

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