The Tomorrow People – Smoke and Mirrors

“Smoke and Mirrors” is episode eighteen of season one of The Tomorrow People.

After Cassandra, the Founder’s daughter, is accidentally killed by John when he was trying to kill the Founder, Jedikiah goes on the run (the Founder might bear a bit of a grudge over his actions) and the Founder takes charge of Ultra personally.

The Founder has stated that he is going to bring in a new reign at Ultra, where breakouts aren’t captured and stripped of their powers. This is apparently due to remorse over the death of his daughter.

Could he have turned over a new leaf? Stephen thinks so, but Jedikiah doesn’t. The latter does have a few decades more experience with the Founder than Stephen does.

It does seem more likely that the Founder is playing a long game here. He was never as ignorant about what was happening at Ultra as he is making out.

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