Stargate SG-1 – A Hundred Days

“A Hundred Days” is episode seventeen of season three of Stargate SG-1.

SG-1 are visiting a planet and waiting to watch the fire rain, a meteor shower that is curiously regular, happening at exactly the same time every year.

There is a rather large meteor observed, and apparently the shower has been getting bigger every year. A rather worrying fact. Carter discovers that the planet is passing through an asteroid belt, and sometimes it passes through thicker patches than others. The planet’s culture is quite primitive, so did not guess this.

Daniel discovers that the planet has, in the past, suffered severe meteorite impacts – and one looks to be due now. Which could lead to a bombardment of car-sized meteorites.

The next day sees a meteor shower during the day. SG-1 evacuate the villagers, but some kids are missing and O’Neill ends up trapped on the planet when a meteorite impacts the gate area.

The shower as observed does not look accurate. Meteor showers radiate out from a central point – their paths can all be traced back to a point in the sky. This one does not. Not the only programme in which meteor showers have been shown incorrectly. Meteors do not occur in parallel lines in a shower.

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