Stargate: Atlantis – The Prodigal

“The Prodigal” is episode fourteen of season five of Stargate: Atlantis.

McKay and Sheppard are racing remote controlled cars around Atlantis’s east pier when the entire city except for the control tower loses power. Ronon was at the same time was being instructed by Mr. Wolsey to make after action reports on the missions he goes on. Ronon’s way of doing things and Mr. Wolsey’s are rather different.

Even though Michael’s cruiser was destroyed in “Search and Rescue”, given that no body was seen, it seemed quite likely that he was not dead, and indeed that was the case, for he has taken control of Atlantis with a team of his hybrids and sealed off the control room. He is after Teyla’s baby – again – and plans to destroy Atlantis when he leaves.

Lots of running around in the darkened city as the team attempts to get into the control tower before Michael escapes.

This time there’s probably a body.

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