Red Dwarf XI – Officer Rimmer

“Officer Rimmer” is episode four of Red Dwarf XI.

The crew are in Starbug and Lister is dreaming. When he woke up and mentions that he was dreaming about flying, Kryten says that Freud considers dreams of flying to be related to sex. Rimmer disagrees, as he regularly dreams about flying. He recounts his dream and doesn’t see what it has to do with sex. Everyone else probably does.

They pick up a distress call from an exploration ship that is threatened by a asteroid storm (just like the space station was in the previous episode, “Give & Take”), so they head to help. Meanwhile the ship, the Nautilus, bioprints one of its crew off. Sort of an ultimate version of 3D printing.

If the Nautilus is destroyed by the asteroid storm, it will probably take Starbug with it. So Rimmer does the only logical thing – opens fire on the Nautilus. However, this goes wrong, and as a result the ship is accidentally saved. In gratitude (as he doesn’t know Rimmer tried to kill him), the bioprinted captain of the Nautilus promoted Rimmer to officer. Rimmer is ecstatic to finally be an officer, after all these years. The others are less pleased.

Back on the Red Dwarf, Rimmer outlines his plans for his accolade. And he plans to open an officers’ club. For himself. Unsurprisingly, being an officer goes to Rimmer’s head. He starts enacting privileges of rank, including separate lifts and officer’s only television channels. The others get rapidly irritated.

Rimmer is now the only officer on the Red Dwarf. Power goes completely to his head. He also plans to print out a new crew of everyone who ranks below him using the Nautilus’ printer. However, this plan falls by the wayside, as Lister ends up deleting the entire database. So Rimmer comes up with a new plan – print 50 copies of himself to boss around, all slightly below him in rank. Which will give them an officers’ club full of Rimmers. Which sounds like a really bad idea – in the past its been shown that not even Rimmer likes himself, and the potential for disaster is enormous.

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