Eureka – One Giant Leap…

“One Giant Leap…” is episode twenty of season four of Eureka and the season finale.

It’s finally launch day for the Titan mission, so everyone is getting ready for that. The President is coming to visit Eureka for the launch, but as his limo arrives, a ray practically slices it in half. Fortunately, this was simply an advance party, so no real harm done.

Evidence leads Carter to a former unconventional weapons designer, and whilst tracking down some energy collectors he had created, Taggart’s vehicle is crushed away. Then Cafe Diem disappears into a small point in space. The whole think looks like this is being done by black holes – and it is. Tiny ones admittedly, but they are still causing problems.

Allison is planning to accept Carter’s offer to move in with him.

A cliff-hanger ending to this episode with the story continuing in “Lost” (and not in the Christmas special).

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