Powers – Chasing Ghosts

“Chasing Ghosts” is episode eight of season two of Powers.

In the previous episode, “Origins”, Calista asked Walker to teach her, Zora and Martinez in how to be Powers and work as a team. Walker refused, but he may well change his mind. Some of Patrick’s history was also revealed, and he said he knew who had killed Senator Bailey Brown – a Power he calls the Ghost, real name Morrison. One he had served with in World War I when both were serving on the U.S. side. In World War II, the Ghost appeared again – this time in Hitler’s bunker, on the side of Nazi Germany. Whatever the Ghost wants, he doesn’t seem to bothered about the side he is on. SuperShock says that the Ghost is going to kill him next.

Walker has fallen asleep whilst looking for the Ghost when Patrick asks him if he’s found the Ghost. Yes and no is the answer. Supposedly, the Ghost died in 1967 – killed by Patrick himself, as he stated in the press conference. Patrick says that he made a mistake. According to Patrick, the Ghost likes the long game, and Retro Girl’s death has brought him out again. Walker says that people don’t just come back from the dead. Patrick asks him if he’s sure about that – a bit of foreshadowing. In the morgue, there’s a banging on one of the morgue drawers and then Krispin, who supposedly killed himself – died at the very least anyway – in “Caracas 1967” – climbs out.

Unity – which both Retro Girl and SuperShock were part of – had said that the Ghost was dead, even though they couldn’t find a body. Patrick wants Walker’s help – he still considers him to be Diamond. Once a Power, always a Power. Walker suffers one of the crippling headaches whilst Patrick is there. For some reason, the latter doesn’t seem concerned. Whilst Walker is unconscious, Patrick takes him to the his house. Patrick says that he’s seen what’s happening to Walker before (but he doesn’t say what it is), and gives him some truly vile medicine. Which will apparently help him. Patrick still doesn’t seem to be entirely stable.

In the morgue, Krispin does a search and finds out about his apparent suicide, and then the apparent death of Chaotic Chick, when she turns up, looking rather the worse for wear. Krispin appears fine; Chaotic Chick looks more like a zombie, with extensive damage from the building collapse in “Hell Night” – cuts, a missing arm and bits of metal rebar sticking out of her. Far worse than Walker looked after being under the same building. Although she apparently can’t be seen by anyone else. The logical explanation for Krispin’s resurrection is that he is a Power.

Kutter wants both Pilgrim and him to go into work together. Pilgrim is still trying to keep things separate – Kutter looks like he’s getting more involved than she is. Calista’s father is in town and it looks like he’s robbing a bank. He’s also covered in pipe bombs. Cross tells Pilgrim to take Walker to investigate, but she says that Walker hasn’t been seen. So she and Kutter head to Walker’s apartment to see what might have happened. Calista’s father wants to talk to her alone. He also wants a lot of money and transport to a country that doesn’t extradite.

Kutter and Pilgrim start looking into the Ghost when they discover Walker’s research. According to an apparent expert on Powers, the Ghost has shown up at disasters throughout history. And is also not dead.

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