Farscape – Liars, Guns and Money: A Not So Simple Plan

“Liars, Guns and Money: A Not So Simple Plan” is episode nineteen of season two of Farscape.

Zhaan is insisting that Moya keep following a trail to some coordinates given to her by Stark, who she says she has communicated with. In “The Ugly Truth”, Stark was dispersed by the Plokavians, but he said he might be able to return, as he was at least partly made from energy. Most of the crew doesn’t believe her, until Stark’s mask talks to them. When they find Stark, he tells D’Argo that he knows how to save the latter’s son. It looks like Stark was correct when he said he could come back.

Stark’s brilliant plan to save D’Argo’s son is to rob a bank, known as a Shadow Depository, because it is only used by criminals. That way, there will be enough money to buy D’Argo’s son. This doesn’t seem to be the best plan. Especially when Scorpius arrives.

The story does not conclude in this episode but continues in “Liars, Guns and Money: With Friends Like These…”.

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