Falling Skies – Live and Learn

“Live and Learn” is episode one of season one of Falling Skies.

Before the start of the series, aliens, called Skitters by the humans, had launched an unprovoked attack on Earth, starting with what sounded like an electro-magnetic pulse to destroy all electronics, and then destroying all military vehicles and bases before moving onto capitals and major cities. There are still people fighting back, although by the sounds of it not regular military any longer, and the aliens are capturing children and putting devices on them to control them.

This is set in the United States, in Massachusetts I think, and follows some of the resistance fighters, primarily former history professor Tom Mason and the surviving members of his family. As well as the alien Skitters, there are something called Mechs, which appear to be some type of combat robot. Quite why the Skitters aren’t solely using the armoured Mechs rather than risking themselves isn’t clear.

In this episode Tom’s missing son Ben is seen.

This episode and the second, “The Armory”, are sometimes combined into a feature-length première.

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