Eureka – Stoned

“Stoned” is episode seven of season four of Eureka.

Jo is finally getting her house rebuilt after Larry’s rocket accidentally destroyed it in “The Story of O2”. Unfortunately, a humanoid skeleton is found in the basement area, possibly the oldest humanoid fossil in North America, and as a result construction is halted whilst the skeleton can be investigated.

Then the man excavating is found, apparently turned to stone. Initially, he is thought to be dead, with the concrete covering his skin, but it turns out that the concrete is his skin – and he’s only the first.

Zoe is back from Harvard, and there’s a new, older man she’s apparently interested in. You can guess who it is, and know that Carter is not going to be excited by the thought. Finally, Carter himself is making a move to ask Allison out.

It also looks like someone may be suspicious about Dr Grant.

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