Eureka – Momstrosity

“Momstrosity” is episode six of season four of Eureka.

This episode opens with Carter, Fargo, Grant and Kevin fleeing in Fargo’s car from Tiny, the huge, insectoid and frankly quite scary-looking Titan sampler robot (giant mechanical insect that goes berserk? Not a good design) that has already gone berserk once in “A New World”, before going back twelve hours.

The four were heading off on a camping trip, with Allison being temporarily in charge of Global Dynamics. Whilst they are away, Artificial Intelligences in Eureka start acting a bit oddly. Deputy Andy becomes fixated on Jo and a brain scanner decides to dissect Larry’s brain – despite the fact that he is alive at the time. Although if it had carried on, that wouldn’t have been the case for very long.

Something has affected all the more advanced AIs, but what?

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