Andromeda – Point of the Spear

“Point of the Spear” is episode sixteen of season three of Andromeda.

The Andromeda Ascendant is at a colony where the Pyrians (previously encountered in “Pitiless as the Sun” and said to be extremely dangerous; they were never part of the old Systems Commonwealth but were a competing power) are Pyrianforming it, which will make it suitable for them, but not the Commonwealth races. They like breathing methane.

The Andromeda destroys the generators that the Pyrians were using, and sends a message asking for help. The Pyrian fleet arrives before the Commonwealth one does. There is a significant battle, and some more of the Andromeda‘s new crew are seen, then the Commonwealth fleet arrives.

The Pyrians are not behaving like they normally do, and Trance seems to be troubled by something.

This is all part of something much bigger.

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