Andromeda – Lost in a Space that isn’t There

“Lost in a Space that isn’t There” is episode sixteen of season four of Andromeda.

Every time the Andromeda Ascendant exits slipstream, they are quickly attacked by bounty hunters sent by Pish. This is proving far too frequent to be a coincidence, so Dylan believes there’s a traitor in the crew. There are only four possibilities – Rhade, Beka, Harper and Trance.

Investigation shows that Beka is the likely suspect. When confronted, she draws weapons on the others, which seems a bit extreme. After overpowering her, a scan reveals that The Abyss is inside Beka’s mind, presumably put there when she and Tyr travelled to The Abyss’s realm in “The World Turns All Around Her”.

Beka is an unwilling mole, so they now need to get The Abyss out of her safely.

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