Andromeda – Fear Burns Down to Ashes

“Fear Burns Down to Ashes” is episode fifteen of season four of Andromeda.

Dylan gets a call from Rev Bem, the first time he has been in contact since Rev’s transformation in “What Happens to a Rev Deferred?” Rev wants Dylan to come to a planet occupied by junkies, as he claims he has found a means of stopping The Abyss. Which would be helpful, to say the least.

When the Andromeda Ascendant arrives at the planet, Dylan goes down alone in the Eureka Maru, asking the others to follow him after a suitable interval, which Beka interprets as meaning almost immediately, and she and Rhade follow Dylan down.

Rev is behaving oddly and betrays Dylan to the Collectors. When Dylan wakes up, he and Rev are on an otherwise deserted Commonwealth prison ship that is falling into a black hole (again). Only, something was injected into Dylan to make him see his worst fear, to break his will, so it’s possible what he sees isn’t real.

Is Dylan actually there, or is he hallucinating?

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