Andromeda – What Happens to a Rev Deferred?

“What Happens to a Rev Deferred?” is episode fifteen of season three of Andromeda.

The Andromeda Ascendant is helping with the evacuation of a planet that, after suffering a Magog invasion, is now suffering from extreme earthquakes and instability. There’s also a new star, apparently formed from a brown dwarf, that isn’t behaving properly. It’s putting out a lot of light, but not illuminating much. Which sounds a bit odd.

The Andromeda intercepts a transmission from their friend, Rev Bem, who hasn’t been seen since “Ourobouros”, although his appearance has changed slightly (Brent Stait, the actor who played Rev Bem, apparently had problems with his prosthetics, just as Farscape‘s Virginia Hey apparently had problems with hers as Zhaan. Honestly, does no-one think to test these things on people first). Beka, Dylan and Tyr go down to the planet to find him, but time is limited, as there’s a point singularity (basically, a black hole) in the planet that will literally tear it apart.

Whilst trying to find Rev they, and Rev himself, have flashbacks to a previous episode. Rev also converses with the star, which seems to be a being on a level similar to The Spirit of the Abyss.

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