Andromeda – Abridging the Devil’s Divide

“Abridging the Devil’s Divide” is episode seventeen of season four of Andromeda.

Dylan, Harper and Rhade are using the Eureka Maru to try and find some cobalt/nickel smugglers – which seems an odd thing to smuggle – whilst the Andromeda Ascendant under Beka also searches for them.

The Maru is attacked and bordered, by people apparently looking for Harper. Harper and Rhade are captured, and the Maru is taken to a ringed planet. They have been captured by the Templars, and Stark wants Harper to build a bridge – effectively, a sort of space elevator – from the planet to its moon. Not any ordinary bridge either – he wants to build a bridge through time.

There’s a reference to Rev Bem in this episode.

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