Warehouse 13 – Where And When

“Where And When” is episode ten of season two of Warehouse 13.

This episode opens with a woman running down a street in Green Bay, Wisconsin – in 1961. A shadowy figure steps out in front of her and stabs her with something. As another man and woman come running up, the first woman turns to glass, and is pushed over by the figure. Then it returns to the present – just as she is about to smash.

In the previous episode, “Vendetta”, H.G. Wells was finally pardoned and reinstated as a Warehouse agent. Artie is not happy about this and still does not trust her. Claudia not nervous around Wells, according to her – the glass dropping was an accident. Artie is giving a briefing on the new case, and is not remotely hiding his dislike for Wells being there. Then Rebecca, the former agent met in “Burnout”, arrives.

She has details on an editor (of ‘Where And When’) who has apparently just died of natural causes, but according to Rebecca, he killed three of his secretaries back in 1961. And his wife. Using an artefact which turned them all to glass. She and her former partner, Jack, worked on the case, but were unable to catch him. And have no memory of what happened that day. When Rebecca read the killer’s obituary – which seemed to be taunting her and Jack – she went looking for the artefact, but it was missing. Artie is going out to look for the artefact and Myka says she will accompany him, but Artie is bearing a grudge for Myka standing up for H.G. and goes off alone.

When Rebecca says that she and Jack both blacked out, and specifies the exact amount of time, Wells recognises this. She says that it means that someone used her time machine, which is kept in the Warehouse. In the Wells section. Which doesn’t travel through time – it sends your consciousness back in time so you can inhabit the mind of someone in the past (it has a bit very reminiscent of a flux capacitor). The person whose body the transported consciousness inhabits loses exactly the amount of time that Rebecca and Jack did. There is an envelope with the time machine, supposedly from Jack, but Rebecca says it isn’t Jack’s handwriting. Pete says it’s his. Accompanying the message is a video from ‘Jack and Rebecca’ but its’ actually from Pete and Myka. In Jack and Rebecca’s bodies. They are going to travel back in time and Jack/Pete says that there is one more thing they need to know about the artefact… when the film runs out. According to H.G. she wasn’t able to change the past – but she whispers to Pete that maybe he can. All this is done without Artie’s knowledge.

In the past, although Pete and Myka are in Jack and Rebecca’s bodies, but we see them as themselves. Pete initially thinks that they’ve caught fire – it’s the Sixties, everyone smoked. Their boss in the past is played by Armin Shimerman (mostly of Deep Space Nine fame, but he also appeared in Stargate SG-1). He immediately takes them off the glass girl case – it’s Mrs Frederic the orders have come from. They manage to get another 24 hours. Although the fact that their personalities are nothing like Jack and Rebecca’s does cause problems. Meeting people he knows are going to be murdered makes Pete want to change what happened. They finally catch up to the point at the beginning – and they discover that what’s going on isn’t what they thought.

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