The X-Files – Mulder & Scully Meet the Were-Monster

“Mulder & Scully Meet the Were-Monster” is episode three of season ten of The X-Files.

In Oregon, a couple are getting high in the woods when they hear the sounds of a struggle. They find a man being attacked by a strange lizard-creature. The creature runs off in apparent panic, and the man is okay, but near him is another who most definitely isn’t.

Back in his office, Mulder is going through his old files and feeling kind of depressed. All the unsolvable mysteries seem to have been solved. Scully tells him they have a new case, which Mulder initially says was obviously an animal attack. He also finds it, rather justifiably in the present day, unbelievable that no-one took a photo of the creature. In a modern encounter, people are more likely to take a photo of danger than run away from it. However, there were several other dead people in the area, killed the same way, and the bite marks on them look human.

When Mulder finally feels that there is a monster in the area – and one that is changing form between lizard and human – he gets all excited again – although Scully says he sounds crazy. Then Mulder hears a story which he considers to be simply too fantastic to be believable, and gets depressed again.

The X-Files has occasionally had stories that were rather less than serious. This is one of them, despite the fact there are quite a few bodies. A rather daft and somewhat light-hearted ‘monster of the week’ episode, that even Mulder thinks sounds silly. His ringtone is also the X-Files theme tune.

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