Stargate SG-1 – Off the Grid

“Off the Grid” is episode sixteen of season nine of Stargate SG-1.

SG-1 had been posing off-planet as drug smugglers – which didn’t work. They are retreating back to the gate under fire, when both the stargate and the DHD are beamed away. Which is more than a little inconvenient when you are trying to retreat through the former using the latter. The episode then goes back to eight hours earlier. There’s some sort of space corn that’s making people really, really like it. SG-1 go to investigate, and discover that the Lucien Alliance, who were first properly encountered in “The Ties That Bind”, are involved in some way. Which is when Mitchell decides to pose as a drug smuggler. Which is how SG-1 came to be retreating under fire.

With the gate gone, SG-1 gets captured. And their captors want the gate back. Which is a problem, as they don’t know where it went. It appears that someone is stealing stargates.

General Landry pays a visit to Nerus, the minor Goa’uld encountered in “Beachhead”, who tells him that Ba’al is stealing stargates, for some reason. The reason being, he’s rebuilding an empire, and he needs a lot of stargates to do so. No-one is making any more of them after all.

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