Stargate SG-1 – Family Ties

“Family Ties” is episode eighteen of season ten of Stargate SG-1.

Jacek, Vala’s father, contacts the SGC with what he says is important information. Apparently, Arkad’s plot to attack Earth on behalf of the Ori as revealed in the previous episode, “Talion”, had already been launched. Several cloaked cargo ships filled with naqadah are waiting for orders. In return for the information, Jacek wants asylum.

Vala says that Jacek cannot be trusted and that he’s a devious conman. The ships are where he said they were, though, and are quickly destroyed, so Jacek comes to Earth. His and Vala’s relationship is still estranged, and matters aren’t helped when he launches one scam after another.

General Landry uses this as motivation to try and repair his relationship with his ex-wife.

I thought Vala had been possessed by a Goa’uld System Lord for some time, so how come her father is still alive? Or was it a really brief possession?

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